Do rotors need to be replaced or resurfaced when I am having my brakes done? And by the way, what is a rotor??

Brake Components

Your front brakes, and typically your rear brakes, have brake pads and rotors (also referred to as discs). The rotor is a circular disc bolted to the wheel hub that spins the wheel. When you brake, the pads tighten around the rotor, creating the friction that slows and stops your vehicle. As you can see, the rotor is a critical component in the braking system and ultimately ensuring your vehicle is safe.

Times Have Changed

It used to be that resurfacing rotors made more sense, because rotors were much more expensive. But the technology has changed and replacement is a lot more affordable, and not much more cost than the labor to resurface. Also, a new rotor will bring your brakes back to maximum specs and performance. For these reasons, we typically recommend a rotor replacement with a brake job.

Bring Your Vehicle To Us!

The best way to know if you need your rotors can be resurfaced or need to be replaced is to take your vehicle to a trusted auto repair shop, like Miramar Automotive & Transmission. We will measure and inspect your brake pads, rotors and overall braking system and advise you of the condition and any needed maintenance.

And if you are experiencing any issues with your brakes, please come see us right away so that we can help ensure your vehicle is safe and prevent any further damage. For more information, please give us a call at 858-578-2651.