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Born In Mira Mesa

The young community of Mira Mesa, located between Interstate 15 and Interstate 805, was borne out of necessity. Beginning in 1969, a housing boom quickly populated the roughly 10,000 acre community with young families. Having expanded so quickly, there was a dramatic shortage of amenities, shopping malls, restaurants, and schools. The area popped up so unexpectedly that only two years later, Mayor Pete Wilson fuelled his campaign with the slogan “No More Mira Mesas!” It was a commitment to quell unplanned growth in Mira Mesa.

Present Day Mira Mesa

Now, Mira Mesa is a diverse city with 41 percent of the population represented by Asian American groups. The culture influences the restaurants, entertainment, and businesses. Mira Mesa has grown to approximately 80,000 residents spanning many demographics.
The Mira Mesa Town Council sponsors the Mira Mesa Street Fair in September every year on Camino Ruiz. Fourth of July festivities run throughout the city, with a Family Fun Day in the park and fireworks at the high school. Every June, Philippine Independence Day is celebrated with shows, dance performances, talent shows, food and kids rides. There is something for everyone in Mira Mesa.

Miramar Automotive & Transmission is located at 9499 Kearny Villa Road Ste 109, Mira Mesa. Fittingly, the family-owned and operated shop is located in the heart of a family-centric community in Mira Mesa. Miramar staff are consistent patrons and volunteers at the local events and give back to the community whenever needs arise.