Its hot.

It’s not even mid-July yet and for most of us, we are looking forward to the cooler temps to return. Summer driving can bring out the worst in a vehicle and with the relatively mild climate of Mira Mesa, some tend to neglect a few things that can be important when we are hit with those incredibly hot days. At Miramar Automotive and Transmission we perform routine auto repairs as well as those little preventative maintenance tasks that can mean the difference between a broken down vehicle and a smooth trip. If you are unsure about your preventative maintenance schedule, many times it is located in the owner’s manual of your vehicle. In the event your vehicle does not have an owners manual or you would rather let the professionals handle it, we have access to all of the required preventative maintenance schedule for most vehicles. Now, you might be thinking how is a preventative maintenance schedule going to prevent me from breaking down on my next road trip? Well unfortunately, no amount of preventative service will guarantee that you will not break down, but having your recommended maintenance performed will exponentially increase the odds in your favor.

Oil and Filter in Hot Weather
As far as oil goes, you can run the same weight and brand in your car here year round. In fact many manufacturers are recommending that you only use a specific type of oil year round. If you are thinking of taking a road trip, or simply do a lot of driving, you need to change your oil and filter at the recommended intervals. This depends entirely on the type of oil you use, as synthetic lasts longer and does not break down as fast as conventional oil. Of course, when you factor in extreme heat and challenging driving, your oil will not last as long as in cooler temps. When in doubt change your oil, as the old saying goes – oil is cheaper than a new engine.

Belts and Hoses
How many times have you seen a car with white smoke billowing from the engine compartment and a growing green puddle underneath? That is what can happen if your belt snaps or your radiator hoses fail. When your belt breaks your engine will cease pumping coolant through your engine, which will overheat in no time on a hot day. When your radiator hose breaks, there are generally two, the coolant is expelled all over the engine compartment, creating the tell tale billows of smoke. It is critical to have your belts and hoses inspected at each oil change to prevent this sort of inconvenience on the side of the freeway.

Let Miramar Automotive and Transmission Service Your Vehicle!
If you cannot remember the last time you had an oil change and comprehensive vehicle inspection it is time to bring your car or truck into us for service. We will perform a complete service with an eye for the overall condition of the vehicle. We are ASE Certified mechanics and can spot problems that normal quick oil change places could miss. We treat our customers like family and we would love to keep you on the road this summer. Contact us for an auto service appointment today!