1. Car Parts For the Layman

    Last time we spent some time discussing the importance of the timing belt. Sometimes it makes you wonder what the engineers are thinking when they put what is basically a glorified rubber band controlling major engine components. The job of a timing belt used to belong to a chain and surprisingly, the general reliability of vehicles has increased dramatically in the last 20 years. That being said,…Read More

  2. Pay Attention To Your Timing Belt

    Have you ever had a mechanic look at you and mumble something about a timing belt? Most of us have experienced this issue at one time or another and it can be an incredibly frustrating situation. At Miramar Automotive and Transmission we are experts at replacing timing belts on all sorts of vehicles and engine configurations. After all, your timing belt is one of the most important parts of your e…Read More

  3. Rise of the Machines

    Vehicles have changed so much in the last 30 years, one might wonder if we will even recognize the forms of transportation we will be utilizing. The fear that the machines will take over the world has been around for generations but has largely been relegated to the world of science fiction. The way things are going, the “rise of the machines” might not be too far off. We have thermostats that…Read More

  4. The Fourth of July Road Trip

    It’s summer and the fireworks are about ready to streak across the sky, creating brush fires and freaking out dogs everywhere. That’s right we are only a few days away from the freedom fest celebrating the signing of the declaration of independence. At Miramar Automotive and Transmission, we are proud to serve the great people of this amazing country. What truly makes this country great is the…Read More

  5. Check Engine Light On? Read This First.

    This being 2017, as opposed to 1977, the vehicles we drive have all sorts of fail safe components and what are commonly referred to as “idiot lights”. Now, at risk of offense I would not casually use this term around your mother-in-law. It could be a bad idea to say, “Nana, can you buckle your seatbelt? I have an idiot light on.” She may be the grandmother to your children, but that might …Read More

  6. The Automatic Transmission

    At Miramar Automotive and Transmission, we are a full service transmission and automotive repair shop. We have been working on transmissions for over 30 years in Mira Mesa and have no intention of stopping. We offer a wide variety of services for almost any auto manufacturer currently in production, and many for those not around anymore. What we are truly passionate about is the automatic transmis…Read More

  7. Self Driving Cars. Are They Our Future?

    It is an interesting question for those who have thought about it. It seems that we have finally gotten to the point where cars mean so little that we would seriously consider self driving cars for sober people. Self driving cars will undoubtedly have their place, but isn't a self driving car the same as hailing an Uber and being dropped off at your destination? Why have a car? Why not take the bu…Read More

  8. The Diesel

    Do you drive a diesel? These days diesels are more popular than ever and they carry with them their own baggage. The guys who have the massive exhaust stacks blasting through the truck bed, belching black smoke into the air with a mechanical roar;those guys are the ones we think about when the word diesel is mentioned. The fact of the matter is, diesels are much more than simply loud, lumbering be…Read More

  9. The Modern Mechanic

    One of the most valuable things you can do for yourself is learn a skill. It used to be that a young person was contracted out to a craftsman or artisan with the task of learning a trade. It used to be if your father was a carpenter, chances are you would be drafted into the trade yourself. This evolved into a system of apprenticeships like those that are still in place today for plumbers and elec…Read More

  10. The Old Days

    Generally, when we think of vehicle maintenance, the usual suspects come to mind. It means having your oil changed, air filter swapped out and the tires topped off, so that little light stops going on on the dash. Yes, that is a pretty solid representation of what goes into a routine vehicle service, and for most of us that is all we have to worry about on a regular basis. Well, if you are needing…Read More