1. Take Care of Your Vehicle This Summer

    Its hot. It’s not even mid-July yet and for most of us, we are looking forward to the cooler temps to return. Summer driving can bring out the worst in a vehicle and with the relatively mild climate of Mira Mesa, some tend to neglect a few things that can be important when we are hit with those incredibly hot days. At Miramar Automotive and Transmission we perform routine auto repairs as well as…Read More

  2. Have you ever gotten in your car and it won’t start? The headlights are dim and the engine will not turn over?

    Chances are your battery is dead. But why? There are 4 main causes of battery drain: 1) An Old Battery - The average lifespan of a battery is 4 years. They simply wear out and need to be replaced. 2) Operator Error - The headlights, dome light or other component has been left on. Many new cars have alerts for the headlights but not other components. 3) Parasitic Drain - Although some parasitic dra…Read More

  3. To Replace Or Not To Replace Rotors – That Is The Question!

    Do rotors need to be replaced or resurfaced when I am having my brakes done? And by the way, what is a rotor?? Brake Components Your front brakes, and typically your rear brakes, have brake pads and rotors (also referred to as discs). The rotor is a circular disc bolted to the wheel hub that spins the wheel. When you brake, the pads tighten around the rotor, creating the friction that slows and st…Read More

  4. Warranties and Recalls

    These days, we walk to our cars, open the door and, after checking for robbers lurking in the backseat, jam the key into the ignition. With that three second crank of the ignition the expectation is that the car will turn over and we will be off, braving the streets of Mira Mesa. If that does not happen, it is a big deal. Some call a friend or their Dad, others may call an auto service and many si…Read More

  5. The Alternator and Electrical System

    Modern cars are basically big moving computers. It is said that if you take all of the wires out of a new Camaro and stretched them end to end, they would reach somewhere beyond the confines of the solar system. Is this true? Probably not, but it does bring up a great point, modern vehicles have massive electrical systems. Finding a broken wire in the massive wire looms of modern automobiles is ne…Read More

  6. The Miramar Automotive and Transmission Family

    Increasingly the idea of vehicle maintenance has been relegated to the realm of the super duper kwikie lube places that seem to pop up in every new shopping center. You know the type. The driver pulls up to a garage door and honks, the door opens and a kid with a clipboard and rubber gloves approaches the vehicle. Not to say that the whole process is creepy, but there are horror movies that utiliz…Read More

  7. Car Culture in California

    What is it about certain cars that makes some people stand up and take notice. Of course a pristine Chevelle or a well done ‘34 Ford will always attract attention it truly depends on the individual which vehicle really hits home. At Miramar Automotive and Transmission we are your local automotive experts, we don't care if you have a ‘51 Lincoln or a ‘17 Lexus RX 450h we are able to keep them…Read More

  8. Car Parts For the Layman

    Last time we spent some time discussing the importance of the timing belt. Sometimes it makes you wonder what the engineers are thinking when they put what is basically a glorified rubber band controlling major engine components. The job of a timing belt used to belong to a chain and surprisingly, the general reliability of vehicles has increased dramatically in the last 20 years. That being said,…Read More

  9. Pay Attention To Your Timing Belt

    Have you ever had a mechanic look at you and mumble something about a timing belt? Most of us have experienced this issue at one time or another and it can be an incredibly frustrating situation. At Miramar Automotive and Transmission we are experts at replacing timing belts on all sorts of vehicles and engine configurations. After all, your timing belt is one of the most important parts of your e…Read More

  10. Rise of the Machines

    Vehicles have changed so much in the last 30 years, one might wonder if we will even recognize the forms of transportation we will be utilizing. The fear that the machines will take over the world has been around for generations but has largely been relegated to the world of science fiction. The way things are going, the “rise of the machines” might not be too far off. We have thermostats that…Read More