Generally, when we think of vehicle maintenance, the usual suspects come to mind. It means having your oil changed, air filter swapped out and the tires topped off, so that little light stops going on on the dash. Yes, that is a pretty solid representation of what goes into a routine vehicle service, and for most of us that is all we have to worry about on a regular basis. Well, if you are needing a routine service, the automotive experts at Miramar Automotive and Transmission are always available to perform a routine service on your vehicle.

Not Your Grandpa’s Service

To say things have changed with the automotive industry in the last 40 years is almost laughable. The cars that we so often see cruising around on gorgeous summer days, the rumbling engines have almost nothing in common with the vehicles of today. The whole field of auto repair has changed so dramatically that a whole new skill set needs to be learned. The days of a shadetree mechanic are all but over, as vehicle systems have moved to complex digital nervous systems that can control every aspect of how the engine runs. This is a sad thing for the older among us that still remember a simple carburetor and a set of spark plugs that lasted for a year. Now we have advanced, computer controlled, high pressure common rail fuel systems and platinum spark plugs, which probably will never need to be changed in the entire life of the vehicle.

A great story from the golden age of muscle cars can illustrate the ease of working on cars back then. In the mid-1960’s the car rental company, Hertz had a promotion that offered a gorgeous Shelby Mustang for rent. Legend has it, that these cars would be rented by a gearhead and the high performance engine would be swapped out in an afternoon with a stock engine, and the rental car company would be none the wiser. This may be urban legend, but it speaks to the simplicity that cars used to offer, swapping an engine out of a new Mustang in an afternoon would be a challenge today.

It is easy to lament the loss of the glory days but the reality of the situation is that we are in a bit of a renaissance when it comes to cars. The performance is something that the consumers of the muscle car era would have reacted to with slack jawed disbelief. This performance comes at a price, and unless you invest in thousands of dollars in equipment, the cars of today are almost unapproachable. At Miramar Automotive and Transmission, we want to make it seem like the glory days again, by being your local automotive repair experts. No matter what kind of vehicle you choose to drive, a 1960’s Chevy or a brand new Dodge truck with the feature that backs your trailer in for you, Miramar Automotive can keep you on the road. Be it routine service like an oil change or something much more in depth, like a timing belt, our ASE Certified technicians will fix it right the first time. Contact us today and schedule your next vehicle repair or routine service today!