At Miramar Automotive and Transmission, we are a full service transmission and automotive repair shop. We have been working on transmissions for over 30 years in Mira Mesa and have no intention of stopping. We offer a wide variety of services for almost any auto manufacturer currently in production, and many for those not around anymore. What we are truly passionate about is the automatic transmission, the standard in most cars today. The point and shoot of power engagement for your car, all you need to do is put it in gear and hit the gas.


Compared to the manual transmission, the automatic transmission might seem like a modern marvel but in reality it has been around for more than a hundred years. Ok, so maybe not in the configuration that we know it today. Automatic transmissions were generally a manual transmission that still utilized a clutch to engage and disengage the engine from the transmission. Right before WWII, the automatic transmission really came into its own with a fluid coupling system that allowed the removal of the clutch from the system. Eventually, the torque convertor was introduced and thus began the modern age of automatic transmissions. A silky smooth experience that made driving accessible to just about anyone. Not that the manual transmission was difficult to operate, but an automatic is much less intimidating.The automatic transmission was a way to make driving accessible to everyone and America opened up around it. The great automotive renaissance of the 1950’s was powered by a Hydra-Matic.


The automatic, being what it is, requires care and maintenance to survive what is a pretty taxing job. The experts at Miramar Automotive and Transmission can keep your transmission in top shape. If your transmission is slipping or generally failing, it is a good idea to bring it in to us for an evaluation. Our prices are outstanding and our knowledge is unmatched, give us a call today!