Modern cars are basically big moving computers. It is said that if you take all of the wires out of a new Camaro and stretched them end to end, they would reach somewhere beyond the confines of the solar system. Is this true? Probably not, but it does bring up a great point, modern vehicles have massive electrical systems. Finding a broken wire in the massive wire looms of modern automobiles is next to impossible but fortunately an experienced technician can track down an issue fairly quickly. This sort of skill is what sets Miramar Automotive and Transmission apart from the rest, the aptitude to keep your vehicle rolling for years to come. We like to think of all of our customers as family and their cars just as important as they are. If you have an electrical issue we are the shop you need to call.

The Masters of Electricity

Now when it comes to electrical issues, no matter who you are they can be difficult to find and as we discussed before the wiring on modern vehicles is extremely complicated. Fortunately the structural integrity of the wiring is much better than it was even 25 years ago. Previously, vehicle wiring was subject to much more flex than they are today. With the materials at the time, wiring was prone to be affected by heat and cold. As you can imagine this led to cracking of the plastic cover and the electricity essentially leaking out of the exposed wire strands. Today this would be a disaster as many sensors and components utilize millivolts and very small electronic pulses to communicate. Electricity at its core, is not much more than a way for components to communicate to each other and the wiring is basically the road map. For instance, when you see that little check engine light it is reading a signal from various sensors around the vehicle pertaining to the emissions system These are generally micropulses of electricity bouncing back and forth between the sensors and the ECU. When there is a variance in the pulses, this indicates to the ECU which sensor is malfunctioning and provides “breadcrumbs” for the technician to follow.

The Alternator

The alternator is the workhorse of the vehicle electrical system as it is what keeps the battery maintained and in good working order. The last time your battery died it was probably about ten minutes before you had to be somewhere twenty minutes ago. Batteries do that. They die. Have mercy on their souls. The batteries main function is to store power. Think of electricity like a bunch of cookies and the battery a big cookie jar in your office, if you don’t replace the cookies constantly they will be gone in no time. The alternator replaces those cookies.

See Us For Your Electrical Issues

If your suspect and electrical issue please contact Miramar Automotive and Transmission for your complete vehicle inspection. We want to thank you for your business and want to welcome you to the Miramont family.