It is an interesting question for those who have thought about it. It seems that we have finally gotten to the point where cars mean so little that we would seriously consider self driving cars for sober people. Self driving cars will undoubtedly have their place, but isn’t a self driving car the same as hailing an Uber and being dropped off at your destination? Why have a car? Why not take the bus or ride a bike? At Miramar Automotive and Transmission we don’t care if you have a car that is a hybrid, self driving or the “old fashioned” drive it yourself, we can fix it. Regardless of the type of car, they all need maintenance and care.You wouldn’t just randomly pick a different place to get your haircut every few weeks would you? Of course not, most of us have developed a trust and a relationship with our barber. We know, every time what we are getting and we are familiar with the quality. The same is true for finding a good mechanic, it is a relationship based on trust and the intimate knowledge of your car.

The Relationship

Having someone like Miramar Automotive work on your car is truly an act of trust because you depend on your car to transport you safely from one place to another. When it comes to self driving cars however, how much of a relationship will we actually have with our cars? The way things are now, it takes a conscious effort to get your car from point A to point B. A complex series of motions that have become muscle memory and allow us to use a machine for transportation, an extremely complex machine that we tend to take for granted. Handing over control to an electronically managed vehicle has bad written all over it. Not that the engineers who design these cars will make them unsafe in any way. In the litigious society we live in, it is almost impossible to bring a new product to market anyway, much less a self driving car. I mean, the government recalls fruit when there is a single issue, think of how hard it must be to get a self driving car on the market. But it is coming, fast.

Once Driving Is Lost

The thing that, initially, will be missed about our cars is the emotional attachment that we feel with them. The relationship between people and their cars is strong, at least for the time being. The current generation of millennials is an indication of what the future will hold. Many of the younger generation has a different relationship with cars as in, less emotional attachment. Self driving cars are going to increase that emotional canyon with our cars. Not that a self driving car would not be incredibly convenient but without actually driving a car the connection is essentially gone. Driving a car will be reserved for special circumstances and it is possible that human controlled cars will be kicked off of the road entirely due to the unpredictability of human drivers. It is theorized that self driving cars will be so safe that organ and tissue donation will suffer greatly because most donors involve victims of car accidents. Sounds great right? Essentially, in order to create this amazingly safe roadway system, normal drivers would need to be excluded from the roads.

A Way Off…

Removing human drivers from the road is realistically, not anything that will happen in our lifetime. Which is good because the experience of driving a car is one of the great joys this world has to offer. Self driving cars offer convenience and the opportunity to do other things while being transported from one place to another. Are self driving cars a bad thing? No, it is simply the way that our society will evolve. Cars, as we know them today, will not go away anytime soon and when they do, only the most awesome vehicles will be left. Until then, rekindle that relationship you had with your car. Take it for a drive, blast down a deserted backroad or even take it offroad and go explore. Get back to what driving is supposed to be about, it’s about feeling the road and the freedom of the air flowing in the open window. Take every chance you can to experience the pure joy of driving. Should the unexpected occur, Miramar Automotive and Transmission will always be there for your automotive needs. The hometown service you have built a relationship with, is still going to be the finest mechanic in Mira Mesa and the number one transmission shop in the area. So self driving cars or not, we will continue to serve our community and ensure that all of our clients have safe roadworthy cars. Call ust today and schedule your spring tune up!