Vehicles have changed so much in the last 30 years, one might wonder if we will even recognize the forms of transportation we will be utilizing. The fear that the machines will take over the world has been around for generations but has largely been relegated to the world of science fiction. The way things are going, the “rise of the machines” might not be too far off. We have thermostats that “learn” our comfort preferences, we have apps that can control every aspect of our homes, and we even have a Tesla that can come to the sound of your voice. The technology that has been introduced the 21st century is mindblowing. The tech that is going into vehicles is staggering and the speculation that, we will be the last few generations to actually drive a car. At Miramar Automotive and Transmission we are all for the technology that has inundated our lives. That being said, as a company that has been around the block a time or two, we don’t anticipate technology taking over the most trusted auto repair shop in Mira Mesa.


The vehicles that are being built today are so good that the major weak link is the technology that they rely on. For instance, many new cars are installed with computer operating systems and are actually connected to factory servers. The servers collect data about the customers in order to sell more cars. The mechanical aspect of these vehicles has almost taken a backseat to the software installed in these vehicles. So much so, that the majority of the cost of a vehicle will eventually be the software. Think of it, a car will be like a desktop computer and yearly software updates will be the only way to keep it running. Regardless, Miramar Automotive and Transmission will be there for your automotive needs! We have your back, Mira Mesa.