What is it about certain cars that makes some people stand up and take notice. Of course a pristine Chevelle or a well done ‘34 Ford will always attract attention it truly depends on the individual which vehicle really hits home. At Miramar Automotive and Transmission we are your local automotive experts, we don’t care if you have a ‘51 Lincoln or a ‘17 Lexus RX 450h we are able to keep them on the road. The car culture is rich here in Mira Mesa and as a proud member of the community we wanted to take a moment to talk about the rich heritage of cars in our area.

Hot Rods

Nothing says California like a classic hot rod. Chopped top, big carbs on a tunnel ram sticking out the exposed engine and a generous supply of flames cascading down the side, these characteristics scream traditional hot rod. The story goes, the first guy who invented the wheel was immediately challenged to a race by the second guy to make a wheel, and hot rodding was born. Making things faster and more awesome is just human nature. The early hot rodders in California embodied that sort of ethos and were determined to go fast no matter what. Gradually, the movement evolved into the six figure monstrosity that became modern hot rodding, where looking good is much more important than going fast. Of course to each their own when it comes to hot rodding but these days it is the young guys that are left out of the traditional scene. This is mainly due to the cost and the only ones who can afford to build a hot rod these days are retired engineers.


In response to the ‘old guy” hotrod scene, much like the hot rodders of the ‘50s, the kids of the ‘90s began tinkering with imports. They were cheap and a knowledgeable technician can get a seemingly benign V6 to scream. Much like the previous generation of hot rodders the import enthusiasts scrounged whatever they could to go faster, with the local junkyard being the main parts supplier. Engine modifications are not as common these days as they were in the past as many imports have extremely reliable engines right off of the showroom floor, they just need more power. This is where the junkyard becomes a playground for these individuals; larger injectors, repurposed diesel turbochargers and heavier transaxles became coveted. The hot rod scene never really died but it just may have if it had not been for the import racers.

Regardless of where your loyalties lie, Miramar Automotive is here to keep your vehicle on the road. We are proud to be an integral member of the community and value the chance to serve the good people of Mira Mesa. So no matter what sort of automotive service you need, be it air conditioning service, brake repair or even timing belt replacement, we have your back. Contact us today to make an appointment and keep your vehicle running its best.